Beneath the boughs

Original photographs by Sonja Fox

The desire to capture the beauty and

wonder of creation has been with me

for as long as I can recall; whether it’s

the inquisitive look on the face of a

pony, the awkward posture of a sheep

as it stands looking benignly at the

person in its way, or the startlingly

clear drops of water as they fall from

the leaf of a wild flower recovering

from a soaking.

Such occasions have a way of

revealing the sheer joy of creation,

often through some small detail which

can go unnoticed as we contemplate

the bigger picture. It is this detail which

can also provide the focus for an

unusual, even stunning photograph.

Images caught just in that perfect

moment can transport us to another

realm where we forget, for a time, the

cares of everyday life.

I hope the images that follow have

just such an effect on you.